7 Really Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger


When trying to appeal to home buyers, a big turnoff can be small, cramped spaces. This is especially true in essential areas like the kitchen or bathroom. For whatever reason, many people dream of big bathrooms. They want the oversized counters with double sinks, jacuzzi tubs, walk in showers, room for a dance off or a 20-person conference. In all seriousness…people like their big bathrooms. While you may not be able to afford the money or time for a full remodel, you can try these 7 really easy ways to make your bathroom appear bigger.

  1. The biggest culprit of making spaces look and feel smaller is lighting. Similarly, better lighting means a larger looking space. Update your lighting in your bathroom. Whether it’s adding a new light, a second light, or changing to bulbs that put off a brighter light; brighter bathrooms appear larger.
  2.  Hand-in-hand with lighting is color choice. White bathrooms are key. White walls paired with white tubs, toilets, and sinks allows the light to bounce off of more objects, making the room appear larger. Darker colored walls instantly feel smaller, and darker colored objects appear to take up more space. A new paint job might be in order.
  3.  Opt for bigger mirrors. Let’s face it, people spend a lot of time in the bathroom looking at themselves. Give buyers the perfect space for it. Choosing a large mirror for over the sink gives a feeling of openness, especially if you don’t have a window. Along with a large over-the-sink mirror, try incorporating an elongated mirror for those full-body shots. Don’t waste valuable space though, many body-length mirrors can be mounted to backs of doors or closets.
  4. Say goodbye to unnecessary decor. While small pieces of detail compliment rooms nicely, overcrowding can make a room appear cluttered. Put down that fifth potpourri arrangement.
  5. Utilize wall space for storage, and not just decor. Wall hangings are cute, but that doesn’t mean your bathroom needs to be littered with small seashells or lighthouses. Use your wall space for storage, like floating shelves or an extra cabinet.
  6. While the shower is meant to be a place of privacy and comfort, choosing a glass shower door is a great way to deceive eyes into thinking the room is larger. A clear, glass door opens up that space, instead of allowing it to be closed off with sharp contrast colors. Think of it this way, you won’t have to check behind your shower curtain after a scary movie.
  7. Finally, try reflooring your bathroom. If you’re one of those people still believing in bathroom carpet, this is a must. Opting for a brighter bathroom floor plays into the light (as we discussed earlier). If choosing a flooring design, go for smaller accents. Larger accents stand out more and may make the walls look closer together.

Before turning to that sledgehammer, hopefully these simple tricks help you solve your small bathroom predicament.

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