A Beginner’s Guide to Listing on Airbnb

While homeowners used to decide between selling or renting, new platforms like Airbnb have opened new revenue streams in the real estate world. Airbnb, a web and mobile app, allows homeowners (or apartment-renters) to list their homes the same way a hotel might list an available room. When listing on Airbnb, you become a host, and you adopt all of the responsibilities that come along with that title. While there’s dozens of guides and tutorials on being both the perfect host and the ideal guest, we’re picking the must-have info for your new Airbnb experience. Let’s dive in.

If you own the place you’re listing on Airbnb you can skip ahead to listing your space right away. If you’re renting, be sure to check with your leasing office or landlord to find out their policies about listing on Airbnb. While some complexes love attracting new tenants, others aren’t so keen on the idea of random tenants in and out every week. Once you have the green light, you’re ready to post.

Airbnb does a great job of keeping their site updated with tips and tricks. It’s always important to take appealing pictures of your space and surrounding amenities. Never try to trick or mislead a potential guest. Bright pictures that make your space look inviting will attract more guests. Accompany the photos with a detailed description of what your guest can expect. The more questions you answer in your listing, the fewer you have to answer individually and the more professional your listing will seem. Include details about the neighborhood, nearby attractions, transportation routes, and fun facts for guests. Be sure to list useful information, like if your space includes dishes, cooking utensils, tv, wifi, or towels.

Once your listing is perfected, you’re ready to post. Airbnb educates you on competitive prices in the area, but ultimately the pricing is up to your discretion. Remember to account for things like cleaning fees and supply restocking after a guests stay. Once your listing is live, respond to potential guests and get to know them. The more you know about their visit and requirements, the more accommodating you can be as a host.

Listing on Airbnb opens doors to many new opportunities, and provides the safety a first-time host should be looking for. Some perks of listing on Airbnb include secure payment systems through the site (and Airbnb only keeps 3% of that), customer support via web or phone, and they even offer liability coverage for hosts in case of property damage.

Share your space with others without giving it up completely. Airbnb offers flexibility to list your housing availability, so you can stay when you need to and make cash when you don’t. For more guides about listing on Airbnb check out the official Airbnb site.

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