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Curb Appeal: Top 10 Rules for Outdoor Decor

Whether you’ve just updated your landscaping, added a new patio, or you’ve always been an avid outdoor decor advocate, there’s some rules for you to follow. We are breaking tips down by season, so you have a better looking house…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Listing on Airbnb

While homeowners used to decide between selling or renting, new platforms like Airbnb have opened new revenue streams in the real estate world. Airbnb, a web and mobile app, allows homeowners (or apartment-renters) to list their homes the same way a…

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Q & A: Your Top Real Estate Questions Answered

Real estate is overwhelming and you have dozens of questions. Lucky for you, so does everyone else. While a quick article can’t possibly answer every question you have; we’ve archived all of the top real estate questions to get you…

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