Curb Appeal: Top 10 Rules for Outdoor Decor

Whether you’ve just updated your landscaping, added a new patio, or you’ve always been an avid outdoor decor advocate, there’s some rules for you to follow. We are breaking tips down by season, so you have a better looking house year-round.

The spring season brings all sorts of new life out of hibernation from the harsh winter. Whether it’s sprouting plants, curious animals, or yourself crawling out of those fleece blankets; Spring is full of new opportunities. When it comes to outdoor decor, we have three tips to live by.

    1. Upgrade that flower bed. If you have the space for fresh, homegrown flowers, Spring is the time to pull out all the stops. Nothing welcomes the new season better than a beautiful and bright flower bed.
    2. Spruce up your front porch with DIY projects. Pinterest is a great resource for all things DIY; the best part is, most of the projects involve flowers and plants.
    3. Swap out outdoor furniture accents to spring-colored accessories. Any patio furniture covers should be cleaned and replaced with bright colors to welcome the new season.

Now that things are heating up, we’re switching up some outdoor decor again. Your flowers from the Spring season are in full bloom but may get parched in the warm weather; be sure to water plants regularly. Next up are 3 Summer decor tips.

    1. Pools are great for cooling off in the summer heat waves; especially if you have kids to entertain.  If you opt for a pool, do it in a classy way. Adding things like pools decks, or pool areas are a great way to chill out in a stylish way.
    2. The best part of summer months is getting to hangout outside in the shade and enjoy the fresh air before things start to cool off again. Adding items like porch swings, patio furniture, or a hammock is a practical and fitting way to decorate your yard this summer. Add an accented side table to
      hold those drinks while you sit back and relax.
    3. When we think of summer, we think of backyard barbecues. Make sure your barbecue station is up to date for the summer season.

The warm months might be fading away, but Fall brings a whole new decor pallette to your imagination. We have our top two fall decor necessities.

    1. Rustic style is a must for the fall season. Create a new front-porch attraction using wooden crates, burlap, and fall-style signs.
    2. Once pumpkin patch season has arrived, stock up on that fresh produce. Not only is squash great in the kitchen, but it’s an ideal fall decoration. While your fresh-carved jack-o-lanterns might wither away, your untouched squash and gourds will survive all autumn long (and can still be cooked after you’re done).

Finally, winter is here. While snow is the most natural outdoor decor you can ask for in the winter months, keeping your yard clutter free and in the holiday-season can be achieved with these two topics.

    1. While colored Christmas lights are an old-fashioned favorite, white lights are the way to go when decorating your house this winter season.
    2. personal winter favorite; decoy wrapped presents. Wrapping empty boxes (or boxes that have been weighed down) in eye-catching gift wrap is a perfect addition to a front porch arrangement during the holidays.

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