Do I Really Need This? 4 Ways to Bring Your House into the 21st Century

Sure, it can be easy to ignore the advances of the 21st century. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to trick people into thinking your house catapulted itself into the 21st century, you might be stuck adapting to the ways of modern life. We’re talking technology; and how to incorporate it in your house. Welcome to the future.

First things first, check your wifi and cell reception. If visitors come over and realize they either a.) have no cell service or b.) you have no wifi, it might send them running. There’s dozens of way to improve your signal; contact your cell provider or internet company to see your available options. The point is to just do it. You may have been told 15 years ago that you’re stuck with poor internet service, but that’s probably not the case anymore.

Speaking of things that have changed; it’s time to update those outlets. If you’re able to add more outlets throughout your house; that’s your best bet. Although power strips and adapters can also get the job done. Power strips are great to use in areas where you don’t always need power. During the night you can switch the strip off; saving the power from running when it’s not needed. Additionally, opting to add outlets with USB ports is about as 21st century
as it gets, and it’s super convenient. Keep that in mind when shopping around.

Buy something that connects to your phone. Whether it’s a light, a lock, a washer, a fridge, or even a coffee maker…yes, a coffee maker… having a smart device is something you probably don’t think you need, but is a necessary indulgent of the 21st century. While these types of products used to rack up hefty price tags; many are relatively affordable today. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the future.

Our last tip for the day is one you probably won’t argue with. Stop vacuuming. Take that old, outdated, clunky, heavy dustbuster and kick it to the curb. Invest in an automated vacuum to do the dirty work for you… literally. C’mon, it’s the 21st century. Stop wasting your time doing household things like cleaning.

That’s all for today folks! Remember, if you find yourself asking your inner conscious, ‘do I really need this’, the answer is probably no, you don’t need that camera that spits treats at your dog. But the better question is: is this a great way to harness the 21st century? In that case, the answer is always yes.

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