Don’t Fall Behind This Autumn: 3 Budget-Friendly Ways to Revamp Your House for the Changing Season.


Mother Nature is changing her decor; replacing lush greenery with falling leaves of orange, yellow, and red. The summer air is giving way to crisp mornings, and you rely on your favorite coffee to keep you warm. Don’t let the outside be the only changing scenery; we’re listing our quickest tips for flipping your house from summer to fall.

  1. Check your decor color tones. While fun colors like teal and coral might be perfect for the bright summer season; switching to earthy tones brings up the comfort level of your house, transforming it into a cozy den on cold days. Incorporating colors like orange, beige, or dark green compliment the changing scenery outdoors. Anything with a wooden accent is also highly recommended to accompany fall season decor.
  2. If you’re as lucky as me, you might have a pumpkin patch in a neighboring town. If not, visiting the nearest one is well worth the trip. Pumpkins, gourds, and other produce found at pumpkin patches are ideal for both indoor and outdoor decor. Incorporate cute props like repurposed chairs or crates to add a rustic taste to your new lawn ornaments. Mother nature knows what she’s doing when it comes to decorating the great outdoors; take her word for it and use what she has to offer for your own personal space.
  3. It all makes scents now. Our last piece of advice is switching out those air fresheners. Whether you’re guilty of letting old, worn out fresheners plague your house or maybe you use that tropical scent for all four seasons; paying attention to your air fresheners is a quick way to improve first impressions. Using fall-inspired scents like pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla, or maybe natural scents like cedarwood, is the quickest way to flip your house from summer to fall. Nothing says changing seasons like the smell of baked goods often associated with the holidays.

While there might be dozens of ways to change up your house for the fall season, changing out colors, decor, and air fresheners are the quickest ways to do so. Ultimately, your home is a sanctuary from cold weather during the fall season; updating features inside the house to match the season will make you, and any visitors, cozier.

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