Modern Minimalism: How to Make Your House Appeal to Millennials

The problem used to be getting millennials to buy real estate; now the problem is appealing to their unique decor tendencies. While big living rooms and large master bedrooms used to be all the rave, modern style has buyers taking their tape measures out in the kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, beautiful lawns with all of the perfect landscaping can attract buyers, but at the same time, millennials really hate outdoor upkeep. We’re breaking the millennial code to real estate and providing tips on how to attract millennials to your newest listing.

First, sellers have to understand the needs of millennials. Their new luxury house in a beautiful cul-de-sac won’t keep them from being away all the time or traveling across the country. Updating your house to be very low-maintenance is a great way to attract a wide variety of buyers, including the most modern ones. Having all of the renovations completed lets buyers know all the hard work has been done for them. Busy people can’t even fathom the idea of scheduling in a remodel, so update your house before listing it.

Sellers used to use the trick of making a house appear lived in for showings. Millennials, on the other hand, want to imagine their own things and their own purposes for spaces within the house. Keeping the house clean and the decor minimal allows people to think clearer and use their imagination for the house. For example, filling an empty space with reading chairs might deter someone from thinking of that space as a new home office, which could be exactly what they’re looking for. When it comes to millennials, the less is better.

Bathrooms are really important, and not just for millennials. In fact, bathrooms are typically deal breakers. As we mentioned earlier, millennials can’t schedule in renovations, so they shop for houses as-is. Updating your bathroom can go along way. If you’re working with a small space, check out our article about maximizing small bathroom spaces.

Another rule-of-thumb for attracting millennials lies in the technology of the house. Are they counting the exact number of outlets in the house? Maybe not, but they need to know their needs are being met. Houses with the ability to harbor smart technology will attract more forward-thinking buyers. Point out the beautiful front door with a doorbell that could perfectly conceal a camera. Invest in a smart device like Alexa or let a Roomba run wild to really blow buyers away. Using smart commands and devices allows millennials to envision themselves bossing around their own devices inside the house.

Be sure to brag about your neighborhood. Did you know there was such a thing as a ‘walk score’? It’s a very real measurement of the convenience of house’s location, and letting millennials know your walk score (or any convenient aspect of the house’s location) is a perfect way to win over a millennial’s heart.

All-in-all, you have some new strategies to test out. Now get out there and win over the millennials!

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