What is NL3D.ca?

We are a Newfoundland real estate and rental marketplace that’s providing an easier, convenient, and more transparent way of searching or homes online through the marketing of all it’s properties with 3D technology. This technology allows a viewer to navigate through the home online as though they were there in person, and provides a level of information that’s just not available on most property listing websites.


I find that 3D Marketing of my clients properties increases the saleability chances and provides them with top of the line marketing. An excellent tool for buyers to really get to know the house and to determine if the property is right for them. You obtain serious buyers that have interest in the home and save the buyer time in looking for a home. The 3D concept also takes away the stress for vendors to be 100% ready at all times.. When appointments are booked, the clients have already seen the home and just want to reassure this home is the right choice for them. My listing on 29 Blue Puttee sold in 7 hours.
“Marketing in the 21st century has progressed immensely. The 3D models have been a big benefit to my business and has increased the likelihood of each sale. As an Award winning REALTOR, I like to use 3D technology to set myself above the rest. Buyers are more likely to search for a property on the internet now as opposed to just calling and viewing the property in person. I recommend marketing listings with 3D models as it’s a perfect engagement tool to give prospective buyers. It's an excellent way to view a property that's as close to reality as possible and without leaving the comfort of their home.”